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New vintage 2021 Sangiovese and Rosé offer for you!

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This month we have two newly released wines, the 2021 Sangiovese and 2021 Rosé – see following for tasting notes. These two wines are amongst our most popular and usually sell out before the next vintage comes around.
We are offering exclusively to mailing list members over 15% off RRP + FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE on 6 packs of either the 2021 Sangiovese or 2021 Rosé.

2021 Save Our Souls Rosé  RRP $132. Mailing List Exclusive $110 per 6 pack plus free shipping

2021 Save Our Souls Sangiovese RRP $156 Mailing List Exclusive $130 per 6 pack plus free shipping

Stock up for all those dinner parties, Christmas, New Years, the beach, the couch or because you can!

2021 Save Our Souls Rosé 

Sangiovese from the Upton Hill in the Strathbogie Ranges. Pinot Noir and Sangiovese from the Yarra Valley

Bright, savoury and oh so refreshing. Summer berries, musk & rose petals.

At 450m above sea-level, Upton Hill has a commanding southerly view of the Goulburn Valley.  The combination of the altitude and prevailing southerly winds provides for cool-climate grown fruit.  The Sangiovese was harvested quite late in the season, April.  It was brought directly into the winery and pressed off to tank, racked then fermented.  Following primary fermentation, Malolactic conversion occurred which softened the naturally high acid, providing a soft but full mid-palate.

A small portion of the blend is also made up of a Saignee of the Yarra Valley fruit that went into our Sangiovese.  This was vinified separately in a few barrels.  Added to this was a wee bit of Pinot Noir Rosé from the Yarra.  All completed through Malo lactic fermentation and only a limited amount of SO2 was added at completion.

2021 Save Our Souls Sangiovese

Dark brooding juicy berries & cherries, rose petal, raspberry sherbet.

Grown from 2 parcels in Dixon’s Creek, the 2021 represents a new chapter in our journey with Sangiovese.  A new source of fruit from Bill’s old stomping ground at De Bortoli provides a new start. This vineyard sits a little further up the valley, on slightly more fertile duplex clay loam soil, than the previous Yarra Glen site we worked with.

At the close of a relatively cool March most of the Yarra Valley’s varieties were starting to think about hibernating for winter. The Sangiovese of Dixon’s Creek was starting to fully ripen and by the end of the first week of April it was time to harvest.


 6 pack of 2021 Save Our Souls Rosé

Original price was: $132.00.Current price is: $110.00.

6 Pack 2021 Save Our Souls Sangiovese 

Original price was: $156.00.Current price is: $130.00.

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