Chardonnay Mixed 6 pack

Ok lets begin with an Alice in Wonderland line, “Curiouser and curiouser” as even I’m stuck for words to describe this months selection of Chardonnays. Throw everything out the window & park all of your previous thoughts of what a white wine should be, read on if you dare…

The Line Up.
A range of Chardonnays from classic through to hens teeth, this month we have our current release 2018 Yarra Valley x 3 bottles, one bottle each of the 2016 & 2018 Skin on Skin and one bottle of the 2017 Oxy – and yes they are all Chardonnays. As some of these wines were made in tiny quantities (see below for more details) we are only offering very limited 6 packs (10 in total – first in best dressed) for $195 each + FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE.

2018 Yarra Valley Chardonnay
Honeydew melon, peach, hazelnuts, lime pith & zest, grapefruit, long & lingering. YUM…the classic Yarra Valley Chardonnay profile, refined and delicious…did someone say roast chicken?

2016 Skin on Skin Chardonnay SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE 
Only 60 dozen made.
Mike Bennie of Wine Front said, “This was a stand out from a blind tasting, notwithstanding it is skin fermented to a large degree, but generally as an outstanding and exciting wine to drink. Those around the table helping me taste were in agreement – a ripper”.
“Ginger, orange juice, mustard, very floral, very curious. Textural in the palate, chewy, chalky, mouthwatering, more of the orange juice, some ‘Real Cider’ character, tart and tangy to close. So much going on here. A very well rendered skin contact wine of complexity and freshness”. 93 points

Alice couldn’t have described the wine any better.

2018 Skin on Skin Chardonnay
Only 144 doz made.
A beguiling array of complex flavours and aromas that you won’t find in regular white wines. Rich, dense, complex, textured, savoury. An orchard of apples, pears and ripe stone fruits punches you in the face. On the tongue more stone fruit and pears as well as earth, curry leaves, cardamom, caramelised bacon, apple pie and length for days.

2017 Oxy Chardonnay
Hens Teeth, only 25 dozen made
Apologies to Lewis Carol BUT if he did wrote the tasting notes it might sound like this:
As Alice wanders by yellow gold hay bales lying in the fields she sees a gardenia and honeysuckle on their first date.
Aromas of Golden Delicious apple and a beeswax candle light the way down a honey dew melon hallway of an old farmhouse . As she enters, there are glimpses of marzipan and sweet sage in the courtyard. Both a rich apple crumble and a crème anglaise, each with an oxidative finesse dance with the local bee keeper, who possess a slight acid tongue, which always tells the truth – only if you do. The saline salty dog barks in time with the music. 

This wine aligns very much to the Jura wine region category of nutty and wild  characters overlaying plenty of generous fruit.

Cheers, Salud, Prost.


Mixed 6 pack – 3 x 2018 Yarra Valley, 1 x 2016 Skin on Skin, 1 x 2018 Skin on Skin & 1 x 2017 Oxy


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