Save Our Souls ‘Syme on Yarra’ Pinot Noir 2020

Alc/vol. 12.4%  130 dozen made



Yarra Valley

Syme on Yarra Vineyard

Fresh, graceful, and vibrant the 2020 offers great depth of fruit.

Cranberries, cherries, and raspberry sit on top of flavours of anise, pomegranate, and earth.

Beautifully weighted and textured with a velvety mouthfeel. 

The Syme on Yarra vineyard was part of the original Killara Station which was the genesis for farming the Gruyere region.

The Syme on Yarra project was set up 10 years ago to farm grapes using the principals of biological agriculture, which aim to enhance the environment in which the vines grow. The use of compost tea preparations and other naturally occurring soil and plant conditioners allow the microflora to thrive. Nutrient cycling is enhanced as the plants form beneficial relationships with the healthy soil organisms. This in turn produces plants that are stronger, healthier, and more resistant to disease.

Over time this vineyard has developed a reputation for producing fruit of the highest quality. The grapes are always super healthy and do not require any intervention to produce high quality wine.

MV6 clone Pinot Noir was hand harvested and destemmed into an open fermentation vessel with no addition of sulphur dioxide, yeast or tartaric acid.

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